What do you buy the outdoor enthusiast who has everything this Christmas...????

Post by Allie Cherry
October 29, 2018

They need a Packa Shack!  The gift that keeps on giving all year round!

It'll keep them toasty in the winter after a wild swim, hill walk, surf, kayak, fell run and any of the myriad of other mad things we get up to in the great outdoors.

The rest of the year it keeps you dry, out of the wind and away from the midges!

4 models to choose from;

The HATCH SHACK is the baby of the Packashack family, providing a flexible, easy-to-use vehicle awning for use on smaller cars or estates with tailgates. It was designed around the Nissan Note, at £224.99.

Hatch Shack

The ORIGINAL SHACK is designed around the Fiat Multipla, the Original Shack was the first born of the Packa Shack family, and will work with most people carriers and small vans with tailgates.

The CAMPER SHACK, for work vans with tailgates, it was designed around the VW T5 and has been sold to fit on a wide range of vans

The BARNDOOR SHACK, designed around the VW T5, is the daddy of the Packashack family, with walls tapering out from roof to base to provide a larger internal space than the barndoors would otherwise allow.

Surfing Shack still going strong!

Post by Allie Cherry
February 04, 2018

Surfing… British weather and Packa Shack, a match made in heaven.  Packa Shack’s tailgate awnings offer privacy, comfort and shelter to surfers all year round. 

But don’t just take our word for it…

A couple of years ago Ritchie from Flow Surf School in Saltburn by the Sea got in touch to find out more about Packa Shack and what it could offer the lovely people who come to learn to surf with him.  He liked what he so much he bought a Camper Shack.

He got in touch this week with this photo and message; “Packa Shack going strong after 2 years..” which although not unexpected is always great to hear!

Flow Surf Camper Shack

Packa Shack is designed to take whatever the great British weather can throw at it all year round, including acting as a shady spot for all those beautiful summer days we get…

Based in Saltburn by the Sea, Flow Surf School is a family run school providing Beginner and Intermediate Surf Lessons and Video Surf Coaching for all levels of surfers. They aim to make your surfing experience second to none and promise fun, informative and safe surf lessons for all the family.  Most of the time they run lessons in Saltburn but have the option to teach at Redcar or Sandsend beaches so if you have a group and want a lesson nearer to you, drop them a line and they’ll do our best to fit around you. 

Any programme is only as good as its staff and their training. Flow Surf’s instructors are RLSS beach lifeguard qualified, Water Skills Academy licensed surf coaches & CRB checked with many years of surf coaching experience. The team is highly trained and incredibly motivated, totally dedicated to helping you learn new skills and have fun.

So, a big thanks to Ritchie for the feedback, and great to hear what all of your Shacks are doing out in the world once they’ve flown the nest.

British weather and Packa Shack, discuss...  

Post by Allie Cherry
February 04, 2018

Packa Shack's rear fitting / tailgate awning offers you shelter from our incredibly changeable weather, whether that's the rain or even shade from the sun, crazy I know, but true!

So, the British summer... the rain, the sunshine, the wind, the rain, the thunder, the hailstones, did I mention the rain?

The vagaries of Scottish weather #4seasonsin1day can turn getting ready for a great day out, and getting changed to go back home in to a truely unpleasant experience.

The weather recently has been changeable to say the least with torrential rain and the sun splitting the sky on the same day, sometimes in the same hour!

So, in the words of Baden Powell 'be prepared!' Packa Shackers, make sure you always have your Shack in your car or van to be ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

The Shack packs down small, it's the size of a small sleeping bag so doesn't take up much room. And it goes up fast to let you react quickly to what ever the weather throws at you in a couple of minutes.

Is Packa Shack the new Changing Hut...?

Post by Allie Cherry
February 04, 2018

So there you are at Portobello beach just outside Edinburgh , with your splendidly good chums Cecil, Humphrey & Emily. The water looks frightfully inviting, the brass band are playing in the park, and the children are seen but not heard, all you need now is one of those jolly changing huts to get changed into your stripey woollen bathing suit...

Victorian changing hut Bathing Belles

Unfortunately, no one has made them for about 150 years.... so what the blazes are you to do???  

Get changed behind a towel in the car park, I don't blinkin' flippin' think so!

You need ones of these new fangled Packa Shack thingies!  They go up fast and pack down small, providing you and your merry band of chums with the space to get changed in comfort and privacy. 

No need to worry about frightening the horses, Mrs Miggins! Time to make Packa Shack part of your escape from the norm.

Packa Shack - space & privacy in the great outdoors #packashack

Dog Agility Shack

Post by Allie Cherry
February 04, 2018

So what does this tailgate awning offer dog agility enthusiasts?  Space, shelter, and a most importantly a quiet, clean, calm dog!

Dog owners who have bought the Shack tell me that it's important that their dog(s) shouldn't see other dogs to keep them calm. 

And that's what the Top Down opening version of the different Shack models offer! The front panel of the opens like an incremental letter box, from very slightly open to fully opened and rolled up on the sewn in ground sheet. This and the sewn in groundsheet allows the dog to be contained and still have plenty of ventilation.

  Bottom Up Opening Original Shack

This is a Bottom Up opening Camper Shack used by Sue and her dogs at dog agility shows across the country. This version allows the front panel (rolled up in the photo) to be used as a 2m deep awning to extend the space and offer more shade.



Canoe-dling in a Packa Shack

Post by Allie Cherry
February 04, 2018

So, getting up close & personal in our tailgate awning or getting out in your canoe or kayak and getting changed ready to head out onto the water or once you’re back from your adventure and getting changed and dry before heading home after a great day out in the water.

Packa Shack extends the space your vehicle offers, giving you shelter and privacy wherever you and your vehicle can get too.

The Shack also lets you extend your experience by offering you a space to hang out after your trip and shoot the breeze with your fellow paddles over a cuppa before heading home or off to your next watery adventure.

Whether you prefer sea kayaking around our beautiful coastline or running the rapids on one of our many fantastic rivers, the Shack will enhance and extend your experience.

Double Slalom Canoe

So, for the uninitiated amongst us, here is Packa Shack’s duffer’s guide to canoe slalom…

  • Canoe slalom is a race against the clock through a combination of up and downstream gates on a whitewater course.
  • The course length and number of gates varies with a maximum of 25 gates and length of 300 meters.
  • The course is set with a mix of upstream and downstream gates; each presents a unique challenge for the athlete, significantly testing their ability to read and work with the water flow whilst maintaining their trajectory, balance and speed.
  • The direction the athlete must travel through each gate is indicated by colour: red for upstream and green for downstream.
  • The difference between a kayak and a canoe is simple; it’s the number of blades on the paddle and the athlete’s position in the boat.
  • In kayak, the paddler is seated and uses a double-bladed paddle pulling the blade through the water on alternate sides to propel the boat forward.
  • In canoe, the paddle has a single-blade and the athlete is strapped into the boat with their legs bent at the knees and tucked under their body.