Is Packa Shack the new Changing Hut...?

So there you are at Portobello beach just outside Edinburgh , with your splendidly good chums Cecil, Humphrey & Emily. The water looks frightfully inviting, the brass band are playing in the park, and the children are seen but not heard, all you need now is one of those jolly changing huts to get changed into your stripey woollen bathing suit...

Victorian changing hut Bathing Belles

Unfortunately, no one has made them for about 150 years.... so what the blazes are you to do???  

Get changed behind a towel in the car park, I don't blinkin' flippin' think so!

You need ones of these new fangled Packa Shack thingies!  They go up fast and pack down small, providing you and your merry band of chums with the space to get changed in comfort and privacy. 

No need to worry about frightening the horses, Mrs Miggins! Time to make Packa Shack part of your escape from the norm.

Packa Shack - space & privacy in the great outdoors #packashack