That's what we loved doing on a surf beach seven years ago when we dreamt up Packa Shack.

We still do. But back then when we headed back to get changed after a great day in the water we had to contend with the usual Scottish weather of 4 seasons in 1 day when all we wanted to do was get changed, sit on the tailgate to talk about the waves we'd caught (or not!), and make a brew. And so Packa Shack was born.

No matter what your vehicle you have a quick, easy-up solution giving you freedom, privacy, comfort and shelter wherever you and your vehicle can get to.

Who's ready for a cuppa and a Tunnock's treat?!

Our Guarantees

  • Designed & Made Here

    All our shacks are 100% made in the UK with love and pride by our team in Cumbria.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    All our shacks come with 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. No quibbles.
  • Free Exchanges

    We offer free, no quibble exchanges on all our shacks.

What do you pack?

So how do you packashack?