"Great addition to any outdoors people with a van" Andy A. 27th July 2018

Post by Allie Cherry
May 17, 2019
Not had chance to use the Packashak properly yet, but gave it a test run when it first arrived. Easy to fit. Bigger than I thought and very well made. It Will add some extra space when on camping trips in the summer. Perfect for mountain biking and walking in winter so you can get changed without making the van filthy. Will also help to dry the dogs off before they get in too! Very impressed.

"Awesome bit of kit!" Mr. h. 12th July 2017

Post by Allie Cherry
May 17, 2019
I bought the packashack for my LWB VW T5 with a tailgate so that I could take the children camping as I have a bed platform in the back and wanted an affordable way of extending the space in the van. The Camper Shack worked perfectly and was a breeze to put up. Extra standing and changing space at the back of the van made the space inside even more useable. I also intend to use it for my MTB trips as a space to get changed in after a wet or muddy ride. Top product at a great price!!

5 star review from Danielle J. 8th May 2019

Post by Allie Cherry
May 17, 2019
I wanted something simple that I could put up on my own with 2 kids for days out and the odd night car camping in a fiat qubo, which has a huge tailgate, so lends itself really well to this. I have tried it for one day out and one camp and it is absolutely fab. Really easy to use, the suckers need a little moisture to be really secure but we camped in only a couple of degrees off freezing and fairly high winds and it held its own, giving just enough space out of the elements for a small table and 2 chairs and felt very cosy. It dried out very quickly in the morning and after showers. I think it will mean being less worried about the weather for days out at the coast etc as it will make a quick, cosy bolt hole. Allie was very helpful when I had concerns about delivery. I really like having one with a window, we snuggled up to watch showers pass. Other campers asked what it was and were quite impressed by it's simplicity and how it held up. I will be keeping it in the car from now on for more adventures

The Original Shack Vs The TARDIS

Post by Allie Cherry
March 31, 2019

It's a lot bigger inside than you'd think! an apt description of our first tailgate awning to be designed, presenting the Original Shack!

So, what do Dr Who in his various incarnations and yours truly, Allie Cherry-Byrnes, have in common...?

We both spend a lot of time in something which is people often exclaim is a lot bigger in side than you'd expect.

The Original Shack is where it all started at Packa Shack HQ, when I had my eureka moment after a particularly cold surf at Belhaven Bay near Edinburgh a few years ago. 

Picture the scene... February, horizontal sleet, me getting changed out of my wetsuit at the back of my Fiat Multipla.  Getting some shelter from the tailgate when I suddenly thought 'I could add walls to this'.

So, I went home got out my mum's old sewing machine and made the first one on the kitchen table, and here's the photo!


Then people started to ask me where I'd got it so, I thought I should make a more tailored prototype before taking it to a manufacturer.


So, I may not be able to travel through time, or battle evil across galaxies like the good Doctor.  But, I'd take my Packa Shack adventures over his any day!

Make Packa Shack part of your escape from the norm! #packashack


Introducing the Hatch Shack - the baby of the Packa Shack family

Post by Allie Cherry
March 31, 2019

It may be the baby of the Packa Shack family, but the Hatch Shack still packs a punch! Offering space, privacy and shelter for hatchback and estate owners, wherever they and their car can get to!

Designed around the Nissan Note, the Hatch Shack is the most recent of the Shacks to be designed at the request of hatchback and estate cars, increasing in height from 150cm on the roof of the car to 200cm high allowing all but the tallest of us to stand up in the back.

Hatch-Shack-Tailgate-Awning|Packa Shack

The standard measurement here at Packa Shack HQ is how many people can fight their way out off a wetsuit inside a Shack, in this case 2, accompanied by the international cry of the surfer / open water swimmer / kite surfer 'my elbow's stuck, get this off me!"

The Hatch Shack is a must for all you lovely hatchback and estate owners out there offering you somewhere to get changed before and after getting up to shenanigans in the great outdoors whether that's the hills, forest tracks, the river, beach or sea, and having a lovely cuppa in comfort when you get back!

In common with all of our Shacks which have a bit of a Tardis effect ‘it’s a lot bigger inside than you think’ the Hatch Shack offers a similar internal space to the Original Shack, which is 200cm high all the way across and slightly wider on the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the angle that the tailgate of hatchbacks opens to varies quite dramatically from car to car, so it might not work on your car.  The tailgate supports the Shack so if it opens too acutely it'll pull the Shack up off the ground.  As long as it comes out over your bumper at not too acute an angle it should be fine, but get in touch to double check.

Make a Hatch Shack part of your escape from the norm! #packashack

Packa Shack down under

Post by Allie Cherry
January 22, 2019
How does a Camper Shack's journey of 10,439 miles between Edinburgh, Scotland and Newcastle, New South Wales, become a 200m stroll from the pub...? Read on for this truely amazing tale of coincidence...