The Original Shack Vs The TARDIS

It's a lot bigger inside than you'd think! an apt description of our first tailgate awning to be designed, presenting the Original Shack!

So, what do Dr Who in his various incarnations and yours truly, Allie Cherry-Byrnes, have in common...?

We both spend a lot of time in something which is people often exclaim is a lot bigger in side than you'd expect.

The Original Shack is where it all started at Packa Shack HQ, when I had my eureka moment after a particularly cold surf at Belhaven Bay near Edinburgh a few years ago. 

Picture the scene... February, horizontal sleet, me getting changed out of my wetsuit at the back of my Fiat Multipla.  Getting some shelter from the tailgate when I suddenly thought 'I could add walls to this'.

So, I went home got out my mum's old sewing machine and made the first one on the kitchen table, and here's the photo!


Then people started to ask me where I'd got it so, I thought I should make a more tailored prototype before taking it to a manufacturer.


So, I may not be able to travel through time, or battle evil across galaxies like the good Doctor.  But, I'd take my Packa Shack adventures over his any day!

Make Packa Shack part of your escape from the norm! #packashack