Introducing the Hatch Shack - the baby of the Packa Shack family

It may be the baby of the Packa Shack family, but the Hatch Shack still packs a punch! Offering space, privacy and shelter for hatchback and estate owners, wherever they and their car can get to!

Designed around the Nissan Note, the Hatch Shack is the most recent of the Shacks to be designed at the request of hatchback and estate cars, increasing in height from 150cm on the roof of the car to 200cm high allowing all but the tallest of us to stand up in the back.

Hatch-Shack-Tailgate-Awning|Packa Shack

The standard measurement here at Packa Shack HQ is how many people can fight their way out off a wetsuit inside a Shack, in this case 2, accompanied by the international cry of the surfer / open water swimmer / kite surfer 'my elbow's stuck, get this off me!"

The Hatch Shack is a must for all you lovely hatchback and estate owners out there offering you somewhere to get changed before and after getting up to shenanigans in the great outdoors whether that's the hills, forest tracks, the river, beach or sea, and having a lovely cuppa in comfort when you get back!

In common with all of our Shacks which have a bit of a Tardis effect ‘it’s a lot bigger inside than you think’ the Hatch Shack offers a similar internal space to the Original Shack, which is 200cm high all the way across and slightly wider on the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the angle that the tailgate of hatchbacks opens to varies quite dramatically from car to car, so it might not work on your car.  The tailgate supports the Shack so if it opens too acutely it'll pull the Shack up off the ground.  As long as it comes out over your bumper at not too acute an angle it should be fine, but get in touch to double check.

Make a Hatch Shack part of your escape from the norm! #packashack