Packa Shack down under

So, here's a tale of coincidences....


I was planning a trip to Australia over Christmas and New Year, and I received an email via the website.


"Hi, Will you ship a Camper Pack to Australia please? Also when will you have a black one again. Is the blue one dark enough to keep the morning sun out for sleeping. Cheers Adam."


Having just checked cost for an inquiry from New Zealand, I said I thought it would be about £60-70 to Oz, but then I had a thought...


"Hi Adam, I am actually flying to Sydney on Wed 19th Dec.I haven't started packing yet, but potentially might be able to bring a Shack for you. Allie"


"Hi Allie, That might change things a bit.  If i wanted a Blue Window Camper Shack would you be able to do it.  I live in Newcastle which is an hour and a half north of Sydney,  even if you had to post to from Sydney it should be less than $20."


"Hi Adam, Would you believe I'm going to be in Dora Creek, which I believe is in  your neck of the woods.... I have a blue Camper Shack with window in stock, selling at £239.99. Let me do a bit of packing to see if I can bring it before we continue negotiations."


"I have cousins that live in Dora Creek who are Mc-----'s and i used to work with a bloke called --- -------  from Dora Creek.    Its not far from me at all.  See how you go for space and let me know. I understand if you can’t fit it in. Thanks Allie"


How's that for a coincidence??? Enter my negotiation for hand delivery...


"Hi Adam, Looks like we're good to go for me hand delivering a Camper Shack to you and / or your cousins in Dora Creek. Worth a couple of good bottles of dry white / rose? Let me know what you think? Allie"


It worked!


"Not a problem Allie, do you want them chilled?  Have a safe trip and i’ll see you when you get here.  I’ll meet you Dora Creek."


So, roll forward a week or so, and we finally arrive in Sydney.  Our flight was delayed landing due to a hail storm, which had also cracked the windscreen of my in-laws car when they came to collect us.

Which brings us to the next part of the saga... the cracked windscreen resulted in a hire car, which we had to collect from, wait for it Newcastle, where Adam lives.


"Hi Adam, Due to a windscreen cracked by yesterday's hail stones, we're having to pick up a courtesy car from Hertz in Newcastle at 4pm tonight. So, if it suits we could meet you there, and save you coming here."


"That's unbelievable. I'll meet you there I'm in Newcastle. do you know the address. which hertz you'll be at? Adam"


"You getting a Shack must have been in the stars!  It's on Hannell St, don't tell me that you live / work round the corner!  I can call / text you when we're coming into Newcastle, if that gives you enough time?"


Wait for it...

"My van is parked about 200m from there right now. Call me when you get there. I'll wait at the pub next door. Adam"


"Incredible! We're waiting for someone to come to give us a lift there, will email when we're leaving Dora Creek. Glad to be able to save you the drive.This'll be a great story for the website! Allie"


I was not wrong on that! and here's Adam with his Camper Shack at the back of the Hertz garage in Newcastle.


Adam's Aussie Camper Shack


And the final part of the story, an email from from Adam.


"Hi Allie, Hope you have enjoyed your holiday in Oz,  I had a chance to use the Packashack you hand delivered to me in Newcastle and it worked great.  My wife loved it for getting changed in, storage and the air flow.  If  I could say one thing I would change for the Australian climate is put in a fly screen instead of a window but it’s no biggie. I’ve attached a couple of pics for you,  thanks Adam"


Fair point Adam, but then I did designed the Shack for Scottish weather, not the 30c+ heat of an Australian summer, but thanks for the suggestions, the very nice wine, and these photos of the Shack in use a few weeks ago!

Talk about coincidences, beat that Packa Shackers...!!!!