British weather and Packa Shack, discuss...  

Packa Shack's rear fitting / tailgate awning offers you shelter from our incredibly changeable weather, whether that's the rain or even shade from the sun, crazy I know, but true!

So, the British summer... the rain, the sunshine, the wind, the rain, the thunder, the hailstones, did I mention the rain?

The vagaries of Scottish weather #4seasonsin1day can turn getting ready for a great day out, and getting changed to go back home in to a truely unpleasant experience.

The weather recently has been changeable to say the least with torrential rain and the sun splitting the sky on the same day, sometimes in the same hour!

So, in the words of Baden Powell 'be prepared!' Packa Shackers, make sure you always have your Shack in your car or van to be ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

The Shack packs down small, it's the size of a small sleeping bag so doesn't take up much room. And it goes up fast to let you react quickly to what ever the weather throws at you in a couple of minutes.