Dog Agility Shack

So what does this tailgate awning offer dog agility enthusiasts?  Space, shelter, and a most importantly a quiet, clean, calm dog!

Dog owners who have bought the Shack tell me that it's important that their dog(s) shouldn't see other dogs to keep them calm. 

And that's what the Top Down opening version of the different Shack models offer! The front panel of the opens like an incremental letter box, from very slightly open to fully opened and rolled up on the sewn in ground sheet. This and the sewn in groundsheet allows the dog to be contained and still have plenty of ventilation.

  Bottom Up Opening Original Shack

This is a Bottom Up opening Camper Shack used by Sue and her dogs at dog agility shows across the country. This version allows the front panel (rolled up in the photo) to be used as a 2m deep awning to extend the space and offer more shade.