Packa Shack & the Forth Rail Bridge

Post by Allie Cherry
June 26, 2016

So what does Packa Shack and the Forth Rail Bridge have in common..?

Well, it's me, Allie Cherry!

I invented 1 (spoiler alert, it wasn't the Bridge), and am going to be dangling off the other later today, 26th June, to raise funds for VOCAL (Voice of Carers Across Lothian) by abseiling, Eeeek!!! down 165 ft of it.


Packa Shack @ Forth Rail Bridge

 Thus photo features a Hatch Shack at the Forth Rail Bridge, ain't they pretty!

Photos to follow if I survive the adventure, stay tuned Packa Shackers!

How does it work?

Post by Allie Cherry
June 25, 2016

"So, this tailgate awning...Is it water-proof? Self-supporting? How does it attach?"

Well, let me give you the answers.

Is it waterproof? it's very water resistant.

Water beading

Is it self supporting?  No, your tailgate or barn doors provide the structure, this means it's easier to put up and take down.

How does it attach? There's a simple system of suckers on the sides and on some models the roof, combined with shock cord which runs round the body of the van and can be tightened like the hood of a jacket.

simple sucker system 

Packa Shack making a great day an amazing day what ever the weather throws at you and wherever you and your vehicle can get to!

Make Packa Shack part of your escape from from the norm #packashack

Packa Shack - the story

Post by Allie Cherry
June 24, 2016

"So, where did the idea come from Allie?", I hear you ask, well if you're sitting comfortably I'll begin...

I had been surfing down at Belhaven Bay, Dunbar, south of Edinburgh one February day, and was getting changed out of my wetsuit in horizontal sleet at the back of my car, getting some shelter from the tailgate of my car and trying to keep my dry clothes dry, when suddenly I thought "I could add walls to this!" 

So, I went home got out my mum's old sewing machine and made the first Packa Shack for my own use.  It was only when people started asking me where I'd got it that I decided to share the love and start making them to sell to other people.

I found a manufacturer in Cumbria, where they are still made, set up the website, got some great reviews and started to sell them to hill walkers, kayakers, surfers, mountain bikers, scuba divers, families going to the beach, mobile businesses, and not forgetting the on location film crew from Coronation St!

5 years on we have 4 different models;

  • The Hatch Shack for hatchbacks & estates
  • The Original Shack for people carriers and small work vans
  • The Camper Shack for work vans with tailgates
  • The Barndoor Shack for work vans with double rear doors

Open water swimming Shack

Post by Allie Cherry
June 19, 2016
Had our 1st use of the packashack tonight, we were open water swimming at Loch Achilty.

It was a great success!!! Left it attached but down whilst we swam then just lifted the tailgate for our changing room.

Really pleased with it, thank you.


Wendy Roberts

Only 3 more sleeps til Cream O the Croft!

Post by Allie Cherry
June 14, 2016

We're at Comrie Croft in Perthshire this weekend, 17-19th June for Cream O the Croft, We'll have all of our Shacks available to buy at a 10% discount, so come and say hello and try a Shack on for size and make Packa Shack part of your escape from the norm! You know you want to....