School holiday checklist

Packa Shack's guide to preparing for the school holidays.

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School's out for summer!!

Family at the beach Packa Shack

So, it's checklist time...

  1. First check whether you have children or not - if not you're in luck! You can go on holiday at any time in the other 9 months of the year.
  2. If you do have kids and you live in Scotland, you will already be grappling with this annual challenge.
  3. If you are staying in our beautiful country, you will hopefully have prepared, or be preparing, an extensive packing list which includes all of the items required for a Scottish summer #4seasonsin1day. This list will include;
  • midge repellent (Avon's Skin So Soft is very popular with the SAS & Royal Marines, so will probably protect your family against the most ferocious variety of midge!)  Did you know it’s only the females which bite..? And that some of us aren’t apparently as tasty as others, not me unfortunately so I’m a popular person to go for walks with…
  • Wellies (cue Billy Connolly's 'If it wisnae fur yer wellies' for details of the benefits of this footwear) but don't forget your flip-flops just in case...
  • Waterproofs, 
  • shorts and t-shirts
  • thermals, jumpers
  • games for the car journey, Punch Bug is surprisingly popular with all ages…
  • Don’t forget the sun cream, because it’s not just called Summer, we do get amazing weather, just not always when we’re expecting it!
  • Wildlife books, to be able to identify the amazing range of flora & fauna Scotland has to offer.  We’re fortunate that we don’t have many beasties which bite, with the obvious exceptions of the midges (see above), but watch out for ticks and Clegs (horse flies to some of you).
  • Weaver fish can also give you a nasty scratch with their toxin toting dorsal fins, you’ll only encounter these at low tide so not common.  If you do have an encounter, advice is to put your foot in a basin of hot water (as hot as you can stand) to break down the toxin.

And last but by no means least, don’t forget to order your Packa Shack in plenty of time before your trip.

We have models for a wide range of vehicles, look at the product pages on our website,, to check which is the best one for your car or van. If you’re not sure get in touch and let me help you decide.

If you live elsewhere, you still have time to get things in place, phew!

Have a great summer, and remember to make Packa Shack part of your escape from the norm #packashack