Packa Shack Summer Sale!

Post by Allie Cherry
July 22, 2016

Roll up, roll up bargain hunters!

Get 'em while we got 'em!

We are having a clear out of old stock and samples here at Packa Shack HQ, so it's time for you to get a bargain.

Bottom Up Opening Original Shack  

We even found one of our very first Original Shacks, before we got all fancy and started adding skirting and shock cord and the like, so this is the one for you Old School-ers.

We have some of the 'Pyramid' versions of our Original & Camper Shack where the walls slope out giving you a bigger footprint than the current design.  We phased this one out due to the additional manufacturing and material wastage.

And finally some of our 'cube' style of Packa Shack.

With savings of at least £50, this is the time to snap up a bargain folks!

Packa Shack's beginner's guide to Dog Agility

Post by Allie Cherry
July 18, 2016

All of you lovely dog agility enthusiasts buying Packa Shacks, got me wondering what the heck dog agility is?!

So, here is Packa Shack’s duffer’s guide to dog agility...

First get a dog (you lucky, lucky people I really, really want a dog... well two actually, a Border Terrier called Chawley and a rescued Greyhound called Flash, not that I’m choosey)

Then train said dog to obey your every command without question.  In dog agility the handler can only use their voice, movement and body signals to persuade said pooch to travel round an obstacle course in the right order and as quickly as possible.  No toys or treats are allowed to encourage the dog round the course (I think Chawley might be better at this than Flash...)

The course consists of a set of standard obstacles laid out by the judge and anyway they choose in a specified area of ground, which can be on grass, dirt, rubber or special matting.


The courses are designed to be complicated enough that the dog required it’s human to guide it in the right order.  Because courses vary the human is allowed to walk the course decide the best and quickest way of directing their pooch around the obstacles.

If the judge is feeling particularly sneaky they can add in U-turns, have the same obstacle used more than once in different directions, or have to differentiate which of 2 obstacles placed close together should be tackled first.  Bearing in mind the name of the game is to do this as quickly as possible, so it can be easy to become flustered in the heat of the moment.

Scoring is based on the time taken to complete the course and how many faults are incurred in the round, this includes time penalties as the standard / expected course time has been decided by the judge in advance.

So, it would appear that a good dog agility team needs planning, speed & accuracy.

I think this is something Chawley, Flash and I might need to work up to if we are ever to consider taking up the noble sport of dog agility. Maybe we’ll stick to demonstrating the benefits of Packa Shack to the dog agility world instead.

More Camper Shacks in stock

Post by Allie Cherry
July 08, 2016

Good news Packa Shackers! The Camper Shack has gone black & blue.

Our tailgate awnings for vans, offering you freedom, privacy & shelter where ever you and your van can get to are available in a variety of colour combinations.

We have the Camper Shack in 3 combinations;

  • black walls with a red base
  • blue walls and a black base
  • red walls with a black base.

Holiday Camper Shack

So, if you need a van for your chosen activity whether that's mountain biking, open water swimming, surfing, dog agility shows, on your camper van or taking your family to the beach, then you need a Packa Shack!

The Shack extends the space your van offers for you and your gear, enhancing your experience and helping to make it a great day out for everyone.

School holiday checklist

Post by Allie Cherry
July 08, 2016

Packa Shack's guide to preparing for the school holidays.

Space, shelter, comfort, privacy & freedom Packa Shack style

School's out for summer!!

Family at the beach Packa Shack

So, it's checklist time...

  1. First check whether you have children or not - if not you're in luck! You can go on holiday at any time in the other 9 months of the year.
  2. If you do have kids and you live in Scotland, you will already be grappling with this annual challenge.
  3. If you are staying in our beautiful country, you will hopefully have prepared, or be preparing, an extensive packing list which includes all of the items required for a Scottish summer #4seasonsin1day. This list will include;
  • midge repellent (Avon's Skin So Soft is very popular with the SAS & Royal Marines, so will probably protect your family against the most ferocious variety of midge!)  Did you know it’s only the females which bite..? And that some of us aren’t apparently as tasty as others, not me unfortunately so I’m a popular person to go for walks with…
  • Wellies (cue Billy Connolly's 'If it wisnae fur yer wellies' for details of the benefits of this footwear) but don't forget your flip-flops just in case...
  • Waterproofs, 
  • shorts and t-shirts
  • thermals, jumpers
  • games for the car journey, Punch Bug is surprisingly popular with all ages…
  • Don’t forget the sun cream, because it’s not just called Summer, we do get amazing weather, just not always when we’re expecting it!
  • Wildlife books, to be able to identify the amazing range of flora & fauna Scotland has to offer.  We’re fortunate that we don’t have many beasties which bite, with the obvious exceptions of the midges (see above), but watch out for ticks and Clegs (horse flies to some of you).
  • Weaver fish can also give you a nasty scratch with their toxin toting dorsal fins, you’ll only encounter these at low tide so not common.  If you do have an encounter, advice is to put your foot in a basin of hot water (as hot as you can stand) to break down the toxin.

And last but by no means least, don’t forget to order your Packa Shack in plenty of time before your trip.

We have models for a wide range of vehicles, look at the product pages on our website,, to check which is the best one for your car or van. If you’re not sure get in touch and let me help you decide.

If you live elsewhere, you still have time to get things in place, phew!

Have a great summer, and remember to make Packa Shack part of your escape from the norm #packashack 

Talking about independence...

Post by Allie Cherry
July 04, 2016

What could a car and van awning have to do with Independence Day…?

A tenuous link you might think, but one of the many things Packa Shack offers you is independence from organised fun… we hereby declare you to be independent from the need to be tied to the requirement for changing facilities before deciding where to head for to enjoy your chosen activity


Packa Shack opens up your open-water swimming or kayaking experience to every body of water you can get to; making every mountain and forest track available to your mountain biking, hill-walking or fell-running adventures; and makes sure your kids can get changed after every planned (and unplanned…) exploit when you’re out and about.

Packa Shack is a tailgate awning offering freedom, privacy, shelter and independence from the need to organise your outdoor adventures around formal venues.

The Shack goes up fast, in 2-4 mins, and packs down small, to the size of a small sleeping bag.

 We have 4 models to fit on a range of vehicles from hatchbacks to estates, people carriers and vans.

 Hatch Shack 

Original Shack

Camper Shack

Barndoor Shack

Make Packa Shack part of your own personal independence day! #packashack



Packa Shack Vs the Forth Rail Bridge

Post by Allie Cherry
June 27, 2016

At approximately 12 noon yesterday 26th June, I was persuading my fingers to let go of the railing under the Forth Rail Bridge at 165 ft above S Queensferry, definitely a case of mind over matter.

But, I did it, and have currently raised £490 for VOCAL to support their fantastic work with unpaid carers.  So there's still time for find a tenner looking for a good home to help me meet my target of £500 by donating via