Coronation Street's Packa Shack

Who'd have thought that the privacy & shelter offered by the Shack tailgate awning would appeal to the glamorous world of TV & film, certainly not us at Packa Shack HQ...!

So, imagine my surprise when I got an email from ITV a guy called Graham, and I thought he was just using his work email to get in touch, but no... it turned out that he was part of the on-location film crew from Coronation Street and he wanted a Shack for the filming they were doing in Blackpool in November.  

How exciting, the Shack was going to be part of an internationally recognised media sensation...!

Coronation St Shack - Director's Cut  Coronation St Shack - Film Crew

So, a Camper Shack was due-ly packed up and send off to Manchester, from whence the film crew headed of to the tropical shores of Lancashire to spend a couple of days filming in Blackpool, that well known holiday destination of the characters from Coronation Street, watch out for that tram, Alan...!  I didn't realise that I knew so much about the soap's story-lines...

The Shack worked beautifully, offering shelter to the Director, allowing him to direct the action from the comfort and warmth of the Shack, while the poor actors and crew battled with the elements.

Packa Shack: privacy, comfort & shelter in the great outdoors! #packashack