Talking about independence...

What could a car and van awning have to do with Independence Day…?

A tenuous link you might think, but one of the many things Packa Shack offers you is independence from organised fun… we hereby declare you to be independent from the need to be tied to the requirement for changing facilities before deciding where to head for to enjoy your chosen activity


Packa Shack opens up your open-water swimming or kayaking experience to every body of water you can get to; making every mountain and forest track available to your mountain biking, hill-walking or fell-running adventures; and makes sure your kids can get changed after every planned (and unplanned…) exploit when you’re out and about.

Packa Shack is a tailgate awning offering freedom, privacy, shelter and independence from the need to organise your outdoor adventures around formal venues.

The Shack goes up fast, in 2-4 mins, and packs down small, to the size of a small sleeping bag.

 We have 4 models to fit on a range of vehicles from hatchbacks to estates, people carriers and vans.

 Hatch Shack 

Original Shack

Camper Shack

Barndoor Shack

Make Packa Shack part of your own personal independence day! #packashack