Welcome to Packa Shack

I’m Allie Cherry-Byrnes, and I came up with the idea of the Shack after a particularly cold surf at Belhaven Bay near Edinburgh.

I was getting changed out of my wetsuit at the back of my car, getting some shelter from the tailgate, when I had my eureka moment and thought, ‘I could add walls to that’ so went home got my mum’s old sewing machine out and made the first one on the kitchen table.

Having made the first Shack for my own use, people started to ask me when I got it, so I decided I shouldn’t keep it to myself, and set up the business in 2010, and have been selling on-line ever since.

The Shack helps make your escape from the norm into a much more enjoyable experience by offering you freedom, comfort, privacy and shelter where ever you and your vehicle can get to.

Packa Shack is based near Edinburgh; the Shacks are made in the UK with pride.


That's what we loved doing on a surf beach a few years ago when we dreamt up Packa Shack.

We still do. But back then when we headed back to get changed after a great day in the water we had to contend with the usual Scottish weather of 4 seasons in 1 day when all we wanted to do was get changed, sit on the tailgate to talk about the waves we'd caught (or not!), and make a brew, and so Packa Shack was born.

No matter what your vehicle you have a quick, easy-up solution giving you freedom, privacy, comfort and shelter wherever you and your vehicle can get to.

The Shacks were designed to be used as temporary shelters or changing rooms, not to be kept for extended periods of time.

Who's ready for a cuppa and a Tunnock's treat?!