Surfing Shack still going strong!

Post by Allie Cherry
July 30, 2016

Surfing… British weather and Packa Shack, a match made in heaven.  Packa Shack’s tailgate awnings offer privacy, comfort and shelter to surfers all year round. 

But don’t just take our word for it…

A couple of years ago Ritchie from Flow Surf School in Saltburn by the Sea got in touch to find out more about Packa Shack and what it could offer the lovely people who come to learn to surf with him.  He liked what he so much he bought a Camper Shack.

He got in touch this week with this photo and message; “Packa Shack going strong after 2 years..” which although not unexpected is always great to hear!

Flow Surf Camper Shack

Packa Shack is designed to take whatever the great British weather can throw at it all year round, including acting as a shady spot for all those beautiful summer days we get…

Based in Saltburn by the Sea, Flow Surf School is a family run school providing Beginner and Intermediate Surf Lessons and Video Surf Coaching for all levels of surfers. They aim to make your surfing experience second to none and promise fun, informative and safe surf lessons for all the family.  Most of the time they run lessons in Saltburn but have the option to teach at Redcar or Sandsend beaches so if you have a group and want a lesson nearer to you, drop them a line and they’ll do our best to fit around you. 

Any programme is only as good as its staff and their training. Flow Surf’s instructors are RLSS beach lifeguard qualified, Water Skills Academy licensed surf coaches & CRB checked with many years of surf coaching experience. The team is highly trained and incredibly motivated, totally dedicated to helping you learn new skills and have fun.

So, a big thanks to Ritchie for the feedback, and great to hear what all of your Shacks are doing out in the world once they’ve flown the nest.

Edward's Barndoor Shack

Post by Allie Cherry
June 21, 2016

Great photo of the Barndoor Shack out in the wild, designed to fit on vans with double rear doors, and extending the space available to you and your dog!

Thanks to Edward for the photo and his pup for posing.

Birthday Shack

Post by Allie Cherry
May 11, 2016
Latest Hatch Shack off to a new home in Inverness for Carole's outdoor enthusiast son's birthday, it's the gift that keeps on giving! #escapecommittee

Camper Shack review

Post by Allie Cherry
April 26, 2016
I have been an avid VW camper vanner for many years... On the first outing (a day only at a Country Park - it being February!) the Shack went up a dream … 30 seconds and there it was

Coronation St Shack

Post by Allie Cherry
April 26, 2016
We were contacted by a lovely man called Graeme who is part of the ITV on-location film crew who film Coronation Street, to say they wanted a Shack for an upcoming storyline, Roy and Hayley's trip to Blackpool, at the end of the summer in 2013.

The Shack was a great success as the Great British weather did it's best to put the actors, the Shack and the film crew through their paces.  Here are some of the photos we were sent and if you'd like to see a short film of the trip featuring the Shack follow this link -

Scotsman Magazine review

Post by Allie Cherry
April 26, 2016
There is only one thing more ackward than putting on a wetsuit - taking it off again

"The one drawback of wetsuits, of course, is the ridiculous, energy sapping set of contortions you have to go through to get them on and -particularly - off again.  At this time of year, wriggling out of a wettie is nothing more than a mild inconvenience... In January, all you'll hear is the odd high-pitched expletive uttered through gritted teeth. In February, if you're lucky, you might hear someone coin a brand new composite swearword...

But all that colourful cursing could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the ingenuity of east coast surfer Allie Cherry.  After one particularly bone-chilling post-surf ordeal, she came up with the idea of a tarpauling shelter that could be attached to the tail gate of a car in a matter of seconds - an instant, weather-proof changing room.  And lo!  The Packa Shack was born...

Having had a chance to experiment with one over the last few weeks, I'm happy to report that they're roomy, cosy and extremely easy to use.  It goes without saying that surfers will be excited by the Packa Shack, but the potential is almost endless."
                                                                   Roger Cox, Scotsman Magazine