The Camper Shack is back!

After a brief period out of stock, the Camper Shack is back at Packa Shack HQ!

Offering freedom, comfort, privacy & shelter wherever you and your van can get to, the Camper Shack was designed around the VW T5, it offers a univeral fit to all standard height work vans with tailgates, including the Renault Trafic, Mercedes Vito, Vauxhall Vivaro any van designed to accommodate a single pallet.

The Camper Shack is available in black with a red base, or red with a black base, in both the Top Down and Bottom Up Opening versions.

Each version has 3 independent zips on the front panel allowing it to open in a number of different ways;

Slit entrance - open one of the vertical zips if you want to nip in or out of the Shack.

Opened from the Top Down from a few centimeters to fully opened, like an incremental letter box, allowing the panel to work as a wind break while offering ventilation.

Opened from the Bottom Up, which enables the front panel to be used as a 2m deep awning and extending the space available.