FIVE stars on the Barndoor Shack from Ed

Well what a surprise another five star review of the Barndoor Shack, I hear you say. We all know nothing ever seems to be perfect, but life isn't always meant to fit ever occasion we throw at it. 

This is my story. 

I have a partner van, new in design with the off set doors. This in its self causes a major problem for designers such as Allie due to its  difference in length on each door. Never the less I needed a tent to fit my van. The Shack arrived in good time and fitted the van perfectly, even thou Allie and I had discussed the difference in door size. My solution was to place a canopy pole either side of the shack to bring both side up into an even stance. This worked perfectly, I even incorporated a cross bar between each door to prevent them from closing to on there own, great cloths hanger as well. 


Weather wise, I will say that I have put my shack through more than I reckon it was made to with stand. I have camped in gales, rain storms and recently floods in Gisburn forest competing in the PMBA competition (Mountain Biking) and yes I've had problems, just like you would with a tent or any other pop up unit. Recently I spent the night in the lakes on a quick flyby visit to get away and have some piece and quite. The Shack was up in minuites with the wine and BBQ quickly in tow.

Last year I spent a week living on the side of Arran on the beach in the Shack, it was an amazing adventure. So go and create your own adventure, and yes its going to have its ups and downs, but turn them into ups and start living life. Email me for pictures or just Packa Shack questions and I'll give you an honest answer. 

Edward Dalton