5 Star review - Barndoor Shack

5/5. Top product

Fantastic review from Andy who took his Barndoor Shack to Europe climbing  this summer. Giving him extra space, shelter & privacy wherever he and his van were.

"I stumbled across Packashack not long before heading off on a 6 week tour around Europe in my converted Nissan Primastar, and was eager to get one before we went. I received the barndoor shack in perfect time allowing for a practice pitching session just before we left. 

The shack was everything we wanted, every feature thought of. Functional and simple, making it perfect for us, and i guess many other users.

Size (packed away) - great small bundle, all rolling into itself. There's only one way to roll it, hence making the put up a common routine and therefore easier and quicker.

Putting it up - very easy to put up, with one or two people. Suckers worked well and fitted on the van excellently. Poles hold the roof well for stability above the doors. Pegs are given, however we commonly used large items (crash pads) in the back corners which worked amazingly. I was slightly sceptical at first when Allie said this could be done, but its no different from pegging, making it ideal for harder surfaces or if you forget a mallet...

While its up - The shack is a great size for eating/cooking and storing stuff in. We often used it to threw climbing stuff in over night, and usually sat on the crash pads and cooked in it (with the hatch open). Having the shack up at night, and barndoors open at night greatly helped the airflow in the van. With most days being 35C and only dropping to mid 20Cs overnight, this was much appreciated.

Taking down - very very easy.

The only slight adjustment i'd make, which may already have been done, is to laminate the seams just to prevent ingress in heavy (and i mean heavy) rain. We only had one issue (partly our fault) where water came in, but for usual camping use there should be no problems.

5/5. Top product."