Is it self supporting?


Your tailgate or barn doors are the support.  If you close them the Shack will stay attached but fold down on itself until you open the doors / tailgate again.

Does it have a groundsheet?

Yes, the groundsheet is sewn in.

This means that the Shack also works on solid surfaces as well as on grass, put something heavy in the corners and you're good to go.

What's it made of?

A 4oz coated nylon

Is it water proof?

No, the material is water resistant.

The Shack was designed as a temporary shelter or changing room, if it is left up for extended periods of time in heavy rain you can get run-off from the vehicle into the base of the Shack, but I added a robust mesh panel to the base under the bumper to allow any water to drain away.

How does it attach?

The Shack attaches with suckers onto the body of your vehicle, and rubberised hooks onto your wheel, it also has shock cord running all round the open side of the Shack to tighten onto your vehicle like the hood on a jacket.

Where is it made?

All Shacks are made with pride in the UK.