Hatch Shack

The Hatch Shack is the baby of the Packashack family, providing a flexible, easy-to-use vehicle awning for use on smaller cars or estates with tailgates. It was designed around the Nissan Note. Your tailgate should ideally be as flat as possible and open at a shallow angle to work, if in doubt get in touch with us to check before buying. Packa Shacks are intended to be used as a temporary shelter or changing room.


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The Hatch Shack attaches to the vehicle using a system of suckers, hooks on to the wheel of the car, and shock cord which tightens around the body of the car like a hood.  

The Hatch Shack here has three independent zips on the front panel, a vertical zip on both sides and one along the bottom, allowing you to use the whole front panel as an awning to extend the space offered by the Shack.

Or if you’re just nipping in or out to get changed, you can open one of the side zips to create a ‘slit’ entrance.

Add awning poles to extend the space your Shack offers by turning the fully opening panel into a 2m deep awning. Add to cart here.

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Ideal for

  • quick change in the elements when it's cold and rainy and you want some privacy
  • protection from the elements whilst you prepare your outdoor gear or get ready to 
  • stow it away
  • sit and watch with a cuppa protected from the elements
  • NB the material is water-resistant, not water proof.
  • fully opening front panel with zip on either side and along the bottom of the front panel to allow you to fully open the shack and use the front panel as an awning
  • all Shacks come with skirting under the vehicle to keep the midges out and small children and dogs in!
  • goes up fast, packs down small
  • The Shack has 2 elastic straps sewn into the ground sheet to slip round the Shack when it's rolled up, rather than yet another stuff sack, and no chance of losing them.
  • mesh panel in the base to allow any run-off in heavy rain to drain away.
  • 150cm deep x 150 cm wide, height increasing from 150cm high on the vehicle to 200cm high at the end of the tailgate, which is extended by a tent pole system in the roof
  • made from  4oz coated nylon
  • NB the material is water-resistant, not water proof.
  • weight 3kg
  • awning poles are not included but add as option
  • We ship within 2-4 working days by Collect Plus in a tracked service to your door in the UK.
  • For international or faster services please contact us to arrange a quote for shipping.
  • Make sure your Shack is dry before packing it away
  • If it’s muddy give it a wipe down and hang it out to dry
  • Make sure you don’t create regular folds in your Shack when you’re packing it up, as this will create weaknesses in the material
  • We will offer a replacement or a full refund, including postage, if any of our Packashacks are faulty.
  • If you wish to return your Shack, and it hasn't been used, I am happy to offer a full refund covering the cost of the Shack.